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Recent Y-Press Stories
Marcus Demery documents Occupy protest
By Priya Mirmira, 16, Carmela Verderame, 12
Occupy changed the face of activism and how groups use technology to recruit and organize its activists. Its trademark sit-ins have been emulated for a variety of purposes, and its organizing slogan, “We are the 99%!” has shaped conversations and attitudes across the country.
Faces from the campaigns
By Isaiah Treadwell, 17, Sigal Tavel, 16, Alaina Bradds, 17
Activism of young Hoosiers ranges from hosting meet-ups with conservative candidates to taking photos for Occupy Chicago.
Boys and girls swear diffrently, says Kamen Rose, 18
Language evolves, says IU linguist
By Naomi Farahan, 15, Allison Albrecht, 14, Kara Williams, 15, Greta Herbertz, 14
Girls and boys use different curse words, says Kamen Rose, 18
By Sigal Tavel, 16, Alaina Bradds, 17
Stephen Gordon, 21, Chicago, says online activism may be down in 2012 because candidates are not reaching out like they did in 2008.
Fresh from the national conventions
By Hrishikesh Deshpande, 17, Greta Herbertz, 14, Hannah Zimet, 18, Sigal Tavel, 16, Isaiah Treadwell, 17, Shanze Tahir, 15, Ali Tahir, 17, Carmela Verderame, 12, Naomi Farahan, 15, Priya Mirmira, 15, Izabella Robinson, 14, Alaina Bradds, 17
Lots of excitement and pomp at the conventions.

Other useful Web sites

As young journalists, we are regularly out on the Web. When we find a great site we list it here for you to enjoy. From the list below choose one of our Web link topics, then select a URL to visit.



Mainstream media outlets, which publish Y-Press content
Indianapolis public TV and radio
Recent Y-Press stories remain posted for seven days at this url.
Stories about Y-Press
Young journalists take charge in their own news bureau
Interview with five Y-Press members.
Youth-media organizations: print
A youth journalism and leadership program producing stories for the adult media. Formerly Children’s Express Upper Peninsula bureau (Michigan).
A United Kingdom news agency, where young people aged 8-18 produce articles on issues that are important to them but of interest to everyone. It was formerly a Children’s Express bureau.
Youth Communication trains teenagers in journalism and publishes magazines written by and for young people. The Web site posts current and back issues of NYC (New Youth Connections), and Foster Care Youth United, written by and for young people in foster care, homeless shelters, and other youth facilities. It features samples of student writing. Curriculum guides are posted.
LA Youth newspaper is a countywide, teen-written publication with a readership of 300,000 youth and adults. Published six times a year, it has been in operation 1988. Its Web site includes a database of area teen services, ideas for teacher lesson plans, and tips for parents.
A project of, WireTap is an independent information source by and for socially conscious youth. Its aim is to challenge stereotypes, inspire creativity, foster dialogue, and give young people a voice in the media while providing a space for a new generation of writers, artists, and activists to network, organize, and mobilize. It is an online magazine.
Youth-media organizations: radio
Since 1994, Blunt Youth Radio Project has created a space for young people in the Portland area to explore their community and develop their voice through the first hand experience of media creation. All participants in the program receive free training in hosting, reporting, engineering, and digital audio production. The hour-long show features two teen hosts who interview guests on topical issues. The team’s reporters produce public-radio-style features to expand on the week’s theme. Topics range from the serious: the genocide in Darfur – to the light-hearted: teen dating.
Radio Arte, a youth-driven program of the National Museum of Mexican Art, is an educational radio station that has served the Pilsen/ Little Village neighborhood of Chicago since 1998. Young people are responsible for providing content in an urban, community station in the country.
Radio Rookies® is a New York Public Radio® program that provides tools and training for young people to create radio stories about themselves, their communities and their world. Since 1999, Radio Rookies has conducted workshops across New York City; Rookies’ documentaries air on WNYC.
Operating in the Bay Area, Youth Radio, nonprofit organization, offers training in broadcasting and journalism for young people aged 14 to 17. Special programs serve incarcerated youth, takes media education to the streets, and offer assistance and guidance for college-bound teens. NPR frequently features Youth Radio segments.
Youth-media networks
Listen Up!, a youth-media network that connects young video producers to resources, support, and projects, xxxxn order to develop an authentic youth voice in the mass media. It is a project of Learning Matters, Inc., a documentary production company that explores issues on youth and learning for public television. Listen Up! awards grants for projects and workshops that assist youth in creating broadcast quality productions; manages a website that enables educators and producers to exchange resources and showcase their work; organizes events and national screening opportunities; and provides networking opportunities.
Youth-media resources
Youth Media Reporter (YMR) began as a project of the Open Society Institute. In January 2007 YMR became a product of the Academy for Educational Development in New York City. Its primary audience is adults who work in youth media and offers opportunities for educators and young people to submit their own articles, along with student work in video, television, radio, web, art, and print. In 2008, the publication will also produce a print version.
A project in Washington state that provides resources that the group has identified that can assist young media makers.


Y-Press is not responsible for the content of external websites. These selections were based on quality, content, youth perspective on issues and honest representation when making the link selections.