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April 12, 2011
Youth journalists can learn from each other, and this year,  Y-Press, based in Indianapolis, and Radio Arte, located in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, joined forces to do just that.

The (w)indy project combined the efforts of four Y-Press journalists and four Radio Arte reporters to report, investigate and produce two radio series. The four Chicago stories focused on education and innovations in the city's public school system. In Indianapolis, the young journalists looked at the city's diversity, with a specific focus on refugee and immigrant populations in the urban area. This collaboration produced eight radio stories.

In the next phase, the team will design an online interactive content development tool for youth radio producers. The tool will reside on GenPRX's website ( and will be free for media producers to download.

One of the overall collaboration goals is to connect young people from different cultures and backgrounds and by working side-by-side strengthen each other's core journalism programs.         Y-Press shared its innovative programming format and news literacy focus and Radio Arte shared a bicultural approach to news coverage and niche reporting in an urban area.

About the organizations: Y-Press is a youth media organization based in Indianapolis that stresses youth development and leadership skills. Members build communication skills by producing stories with a youth perspective. Radio Arte is a Latino youth-driven public radio station that works to advance the voices of our multi-layered society. Both media organizations represent the voices of their communities, which are distinctively different populations.

Team members included: Radio Arte youth reporters Erick Aguilera, 16; Jerry Cruz, 18; Jennifer Martinez, 18; and Adriana Velaquez, 20; and Y-Press youth journalists Peter Shirley, 17; Allison Albrecht, 12; Shayan Ahmed, 16; and Ali Tahir, 15.


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