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Izabella Robinson
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November 11, 2009

109 Forgotten American Heroes
Authors: Chris Ying, Brian McMullen
Published: October 2009, DK CHILDREN
192 pages (hardcover)
Ever wonder who invented duct tape? Do you catch yourself thinking about who the first comic strip superhero was? Then “109 Forgotten American Heroes” is for you! With its colorful and creative backgrounds, this book definitely caught my eye!
I picked this book and the first page I flipped to had an story about the "World War II hero," SPAM. On yet another page, I found the authors’ (very silly) idea of what the U.S. Constitution would look like if it had not been saved by Stephone Pleasonton, “a low-level clerk” who moved it to a safe place just one day before the Capitol was burned.
One of my favorite “forgotten heroes” was Sarah Tarrant. Sarah was almost on the receiving end of “the shot heard round the world”, after she taunted to some British soldiers:
"Go home and tell your master he sent you on a fool’s errand, and has broken the peace of our Sabbath. Do you think we were born in the woods, to be frightened of owls?"
A soldier aimed his musket at her, and she dared him, “Fire, if you have the courage, but I doubt it.”
If stories like these are something you would be interested in, then you should see the rest of the book!
“109 Forgotten American Heroes” has a two-page-per-subject layout that gives just the right amount of information. With its spectacular visuals and insightful information, this book is bound to be next to all of your favorites!


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