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Priya Mirmira
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August 14, 2009

“Ask Me Anything”
Edited by:  Richard Walker, Carole Stott, Clare Watts and Dougal Dixon

Published: June 2009, DK Children
Pages: 304 (hardcover)

Have you ever wondered why blood is red or why identical twins look exactly the same? “Ask Me Anything” by D.K. Publishing has the answer to every question you’ve ever wanted to ask, from how old the universe is, to which century had the most wars. This book can be called the portable If you need to research something for a report or if you want to get better at Trivial Pursuit, pick up this book. It’s a lot less frustrating than trying to look up your topic online. Say you’re trying look up information about the planets online, you can get a lot of websites trying to sell you models of the planets when all you’re looking for is information.

It is also more fun. The layout is appealing with lots of pictures and fast facts to keep knowledge at your fingertips. The content is kept to a maximum of two pages per topic. It may seem short, but it does include a lot of information. For example, if you’re looking up how old the universe is, it’ll tell about the big-bang theory, and will move onto a more specific subtopic like the death of stars and how explosions are related.

As an added surprise, some of the book’s pages are printed sideways and upside-down, so you may have to turn the book to read them. This is all to keep you entertained!

I would definitely recommend this book. If you’re like me and like to look up random facts in your spare time, you would certainly enjoy “Ask Me Anything.”

Did you know a cat can heal itself by purring? I wouldn’t have known that without reading this book. Trust me, “Ask Me Anything” will keep you hooked and amazed at how much you didn’t already know.

 Copyright 2009 Y-Press

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