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Jade Poynter
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February 25, 2010

Pick Me Up
Editor: David Roberts
Published 2006, DK 
Pages: 351

Do you know what an emirp is?

I do because I read the book “Pick Me Up” from DK Publishing. It is a book with a whole bunch of information about a wide variety of topics. If you browse the index, you will find subjects from space to Europe, Olympics to dinosaurs, from viruses to individuality. With each turn of a page, you will find something new and exciting. The order of the book seems random; one page might talk about pirates and graffiti, while the next talks about HIV and rhinos.

This keeps readers on their toes, and is a lot more entertaining than a straightforward book of facts. How many species of fish are discovered each week? Check page 202. Why do we sleep? Look for it on page 210.

The pages catch your eye with bright colors and unique designs. No two pages are alike, and even the table of contents is organized by topic, not sequence.

But, this isn’t quite the book I would recommend for any school report. Instead of being detailed on the subjects, it gives bits of information about each. It is the kind of book that I would read for fun because it is funny; it has things you wouldn’t think about in it and has some amazing facts.

I recommend this book to people who want to have a good laugh while learning interesting facts. Because some of the information in this book is more mature, people under 12 should probably wait a while before reading.

“Pick Me Up” is a great combination of humor and education. So “pick up” your copy today! And if you are really interested in how the book was created check out pages 126-127.

By the way, 761 is a prime number. If you reverse that number, you get 167. Because this is also a prime, it is called an emirp (prime spelled backwards).

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