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Allison Simmons
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November 28, 2009

Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Authors: Anne Dayton and May Vanderbilt
Published: April 2009, FaithWords
288 pages (paperback)
Christine Lee is a sophomore at Marina Vista High School. As the new school year starts, things aren’t going well for Christine. It’s only been a year since her mother passed away in a car accident, and Christine finds it harder and harder to deal with everyday life as she struggles with loss, despair and anger. On top of that, her father is about to marry Candace (“The Bimbo,” as Christine calls her).
But what’s troubling her most is that her best friends (the “Miracle Girls”) are beginning to drift apart. As drama builds, and young love attempts to tear them apart, will the Miracle Girls ever come back together?
The second installment in the Miracle Girls series, “Breaking Up is Hard to Do” is a skillfully written book about the life of an average teenage girl. The authors, Anne Dayton and May Vanderbilt, do an incredible job of describing both individual scenes and the emotions of all four Miracle Girls – Christine, Riley, Ana and Zoe.
For instance, in an early chapter, Christine and Riley go to the beach. The description makes it easy to picture the scene:
Soon Riley drags herself out of the water, and when I see her staggering up the beach toward me, her board balanced under one arm, I sigh and flip my sketchbook closed. The sun is starting to break through the mist, and the light bounces off her glistening black wetsuit. She looks lean and powerful in the getup, and she’s laughing as she approaches.
This book reminded me of the importance of friendship. Just as teens everywhere, the Miracle Girls get hung up on who got what on the trigonometry test, or who is going out with whom. But what really matters is sharing good times and bad and standing by one another throughout it all.
Of all the books I’ve read, “Breaking Up is Hard to Do” comes closest to describing how teenagers feel. I would recommend this book to any and every teenager. So go to the bookstore and pick a copy up for yourself right now!

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