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Cover Art
Cover Art
November 13, 2009
The Cat of Bubastes
Author: G.A. Henty
Published: April 1998, Preston-Speed Publications
339 pages (paperback)
Travel back to 1250 B.C., to the ancient land of Egypt.  What do you envision?  The hundreds of gods that filled the land?  Pyramids, mummies and tombs?  Maybe so. 
I think of a cat that fell to its death after being shot with an arrow and the two boys that caused this tragic incident.  I think of the enraged people who sought to kill the murderers, and of the anxiety and pressure the individuals had to feel. My mind sees the running feet of the two friends, trying to escape the hand of death. 
Before last week, I never would have imagined these things.  After reading "The Cat of Bubastes," though, my mind goes to a whole different level.   The book is about a young boy named Amuba who is brutally captured from his homeland and is forced to become a slave to his young master, Chebron.  Chebron, however, has a kind spirit and the two boys befriend one another. Unfortunately, after accidentally killing the sacred cat the boys must flee to safety with the help of one another and a trusted friend.   Do they make it?  Is the "friend" actually a foe, seeking to kill them as well?  Does their time to die finally come?
This book was first published in 1889, and G.A Henty did a beautiful job describing every detail in an excellent and comprehendible way, even to modern readers.  Every sentence will make you want to read the next, and every chapter will leave you wanting more.  I would definitely recommend it to anybody who loves a good adventure they could get into and have a fun time reading.


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ur book choice
i like the way u described this book i may have 2 check it out 4 myself
interesting book
I thought this was awesome. I never would have chosen a book like this, but now I think I will! :)
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