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Allison Simmons
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August 26, 2009


Author: Stephenie Meyer
Published: October 2005, Little, Brown
Pages: 544 (paperback)
I touched his face. “Look,” I said. “I love you more than everything else in the world combined. Isn't that enough?” “Yes, it is enough,” he answered smiling, “Enough for forever.” And he leaned down to press his cold lips once more to my throat.
Stephenie Meyer's best-selling book “Twilight” has captured the hearts of many readers. When 17-year-old Bella Swan leaves Arizona to live with her father in Forks, Wash., her expectations are low. She soon makes friends at her new school, where she finds herself intrigued by the inhumanely beautiful Cullen family, who share a dark secret—they are vampires. The difference between the Cullens and others of their kind is that they have sworn off of human blood, but the craving never truly leaves them. Edward and Bella fall in love and then find themselves in a race for their lives when another vampire clan shows up in Forks.
This book is top on my list of favorites because it has a great storyline and is well- written. I have read this book many times and will definitely continue to read it.  I would absolutely recommend this to readers age 12 and above who are looking to read a novel filled with both love and suspense. This book has so many details that you can almost feel the moist air of Forks. Meyer has a way with words that drags the reader into the story; you can feel the love, heartbreak, horror, and laughs.
Almost as soon as this book was published, it became an instant bestseller. Meyer has completed the rest of the Twilight saga; “New Moon,” “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn.” In all, the Twilight novels have sold over 42 million copies worldwide. She is currently contemplating whether to complete and publish her newest book, “Midnight Sun” which is told from Edward’s point of view. It may not be published, however, because Meyer gave out manuscripts to a few people, who leaked them all over the Internet.  Enthusiasm remains high, and people have even set up protests to encourage Meyer to publish the book.
All of this popularity demonstrates how great the series is. In “Twilight,” Edward and Bella's love is impossible, yet they strive for it because each cannot, and will not, live without the other. “Twilight” is now a major motion picture, and an unforgettable story in many people's hearts, including mine.
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i agree with your article.Meyer had a way with words.How do you put an article here
thank you. and to get an article posted, you must be a member of Y-Press.
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