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Gavin Bauer, 18, is poltically active in Portland, Maine.
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April 4, 2008

When Caroline Kennedy, daughter of former President John Kennedy, recently endorsed Barack Obama, she said one of the reasons was her three teenaged children who began "convincing" her last year. And while Kennedy's children cannot vote, the momentum of this year's election is infecting their too-young-to-vote age group.

In light of this political enthusiasm, Y-Press, a youth-media organization, is exploring the younger-than-voting-age interest in the election and issues.

The Indianapolis-based youth journalists have created two surveys to learn what kids under 18 think about the important issues and candidates of the 2008 elections.

"Many times youth voices are unheard. We feel that today's youth are invaluable resources that must be tapped," said 15-year-old editor Jonathan Gainer. "The purpose of the surveys and subsequent stories are to give youth the means to be heard."

VoteClick here to participate in Y-Press's issues survey

Click here to participate in the candidates' survey

Nic Mordern
Rachel Swanson with Barack Obama
Megan designing a poster.
Jack Boeglin, 19 of Carmel Indiana
Gavin Bauer, 18, is poltically active in Portland, Maine.
Shaina Solomon is a political activist in Nevada
Molly Kawahata, 17, right, is standing here with Senator Barack Obama.
Carmen Carlos, 12 Myra Zarate, 13 and Elizabeth Estrada, 12
Caitie Boland, 18, (on the right) campaigning in Montana
Alex (right) and Peter (left)  Christensenattend a fundraising dinner with Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff.
Heidi Bentley, 19, ran Tom Parker's campaign in Mobile, AL.
Glenn McLaurin, 18, at the North Carolina Civic Education Consortium Youth Advisory Committee
Zach Amerman with Hillary Clinton
Raven Robinson, 15, is politically active in New York City.
Ava Lowery, 17, holding a Bush picture and protesting the Iraq war.
Ari Siesser, 17 is very active in the Young Democrats of Georgia.
2008 Democratic National Convention Pepsi Center Denver, Colorado
videoaudiophoto galleries
2008 Republican national convention
Randy Rashad Gaines, 23 is president of the Young Democrats of South Carolina.
Taylor Bundy, 17
Denver, Coloradio 2008 Democratic National Convention
Sen. John McCain supporters at 2008 Republican national convention giving his acceptence speech.
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