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Allison Simmons

Current Age: 19
Grade: 10

Stories by Allison

Cautionary tale cuts deep
By Allison Simmons, 15
In school, we are taught that drugs are bad and make people do bad things. But such information does little good. Fiction, like "Crank" or "Glass," can better convey the real dangers.
The Adoration of Jenna Fox
By Allison Simmons, 15
How far would you go to save a life? What if it changes the person who is saved?
Best Buddies pairs students who have disabilities with those who don’t.
Best Buddies open hearts
By Allison Simmons, 14, Jillian Phillips, 14, Hannah Zimet, 16, Kara Williams, 13, Taylor Gaither, 15
Reba Place history
By Allison Simmons, 14
When Reba Place Fellowship was founded in 1957, the first members decided it was more economical to purchase the house at 727 Reba Place in Evanston, Ill., than to rent it.
Staying together is hard to do
By Allison Simmons, 13
Christine Lee is a sophomore at Marina Vista High School. As the new school year starts, things aren’t going well for Christine. It’s only been a year since her mother passed away in a car accident, and Christine finds it harder and harder to deal with everyday life as she struggles with loss, despair and anger.
A fine adaptation of a fine book
By Leeann Sausser, 15, Laura Cockman, 17, Allison Simmons, 13
Fans of the book “The Giver” will find much to like about IRT’s production of the same name. Because the play focuses less on the lead character, Jonas, as the newly appointed receiver of memories, it manages to maintain a faster pace and keep the audience’s interest, even for those unfamiliar with the book.
Speaking out
By Allison Simmons, 13, Min Qiao, 18, Grace Bronson, 16
The cafeteria was filled with about 200 students. The Northwest High School principal sat in the rear; stretching to either side of him were faculty and staff.
By Allison Simmons, 13
Stephenie Meyer's best-selling book “Twilight” has captured the hearts of many readers. When 17-year-old Bella Swan leaves Arizona to live with her father in Forks, Wash., her expectations are low. She soon makes friends at her new school, where she finds herself intrigued by the inhumanely beautiful Cullen family, who share a dark secret—they are vampires.