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Ashley Kenton

Stories by Ashley

Girls advised to give engineering a try
By Maria McNamara, 87, Ashley Kenton, 25, Katie Beyer, 13
Tonya Chipley, an engineer at Ameritech, recalls her education at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago: "Nine times out of 10, I (was) the only female in a class of 200 or 300. I felt that sometimes the teachers didn't expect me to do well because I was a female." Chipley received her degree in electrical engineering, but she's trying to change things so that girls interested in en
Puerto Rican youths compare U.S. with their native island
By Ashley Kenton, 25, Monique Morris, 25, Anthony Martin, 25, Michael Seats, 25, Evan Dunkin, 25
In September, Children's Express talked with two girls who had moved here from Puerto Rico - Beneliz Santiago, 16, and her sister Odemaris, 13. Although most people know Puerto Rico is in the Caribbean and the majority of people who live there speak Spanish, many people don't know Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States, which means it is under the protection of the United States.