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Becky Mangan

Current Age: 20

Stories by Becky

Pastors' kids
By Becky Mangan, 15
Being a pastor’s kid is a lot more complicated than just sitting in the front pew, looking engaged in the sermon.
Internet safety
By Becky Mangan, 14
Sometimes a dangerous place is easy to spot, such as a dark alley or unlighted parking garage. But sometimes it isn’t.
Music downloading
By Hrishikesh Deshpande, 13, Susannah Sharpless, 16, Ram Dent, 12, Becky Mangan, 13
“It is not ethical, but I will do it anyway.” “Artists have become greedy.” “Who’s going to know?” “I can’t afford to pay a dollar a song.” These are some teenagers’ justifications for illegally downloading music, though there are many more. In the information age, it’s easy to get all the music you want, right when you want it.
Patriotism an importance factor for the next President.
By Becky Mangan, 12
After hearing John McCain speak at the Republican National Convention, it made me think about my grandpa's picture on top of our piano. In the photograph he is wearing a uniform, and I can see a resemblance to Sen. McCain.
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Republican 2008 Convention
By Ariana Gainer, 13, Tommaso Verderame, 15, Jordan Gaither, 17, Justin Byers, 15, Pratik Cherian, 17, Tommy Mangan, 12, Jake Thornburgh, 15, Paul Winston, 16, Becky Mangan, 13
While seasoned politicians resort to kissing babies or begging for corporate contributions to gain a national audience, a 15-year-old simply wrote 434 powerful words. Those words propelled her to a coveted speaking spot during the Republican National Convention in St. Paul at 6:30 p.m. today.
Jonas Brothers
By Tommaso Verderame, 14, Kate Dolan, 19, Becky Mangan, 13
Prior their concert at the Verizon Wireless Center, the Jonas Brothers held a press conference at the Conrad Hotel to discuss their charitable work.
Strict or permissive?
By Ariana Gainer, 13, Laura Mangan, 14, Kaitlin Payne, 15, Becky Mangan, 13, Melissa Patterson, 15
John Colbert, an Indianapolis father of 10, says it's time parents take charge. "Kids walk over their parents, but I blame that on the parents. The parents aren't being parents.
Young political activist: Aberdeen, S.D.
By Becky Mangan, 13
Amanda Randall has been involved in politics since age 13. For five of those years she's been active in the Teen Age Republicans, a group affiliated with the Republican Party that is dedicated to getting young people involved in the political process. She has held several positions in TARS, most recently as state chair, where she's been in charge of recruiting and leadership.
Immigration: youth voice
By Pratik Cherian, 16, Max Gabovitch, 15, Becky Mangan, 13
Do Latinos vote as a bloc? According to students at Duarte High School in Los Angeles County, the answer is sometimes.
Young political activist: Chicago, Ill.
By Becky Mangan, 12
Raheel Anwer joined the Mikva Challenge Club at Amundsen High School in Chicago without knowing that it would take him to New Hampshire, standing next to Hillary and Chelsea Clinton.
Area Hispanics are crossing
By Laura Mangan, 13, Becky Mangan, 12
As a Mexican-American high-school sophomore, Cindy Gil was a good student but felt that something was missing in her life at school. There were no programs or clubs at Pike High School to bring Hispanic students together or teach other students about the contributions Hispanics have made to the U.S. and the rest of the world.