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Bekie Stergar

Current Age: 20

Stories by Bekie

Would you want to live forever?
By Hanna Fogel, 17, Beverly Jenkins, 17, Victoria Kreyden, 14, Sarah Panfil, 13, Leeann Sausser, 15, Bekie Stergar, 14
In 1975, “Tuck Everlasting,” by Natalie Babbitt, hit store shelves. Through the years, the book gained popularity, inspiring children everywhere to fantasize about immortality and dream about what might happen if they ever stumbled upon a magic spring. Today’s children may be able to do more than fantasize about finding a fountain of youth. Dr. Aubrey de Grey leads a team of scientists who are finding ways to radically extend human life. As a biomedical gerontologist – a doctor who studies aging – de Grey isn’t just studying how people age but attempting to slow down the process.
Group for youth was a response to violence
By Quinn Andrews, 12, Bekie Stergar, 12, Max Gabovitch, 14
As a college student, Eboo Patel was dismayed as he looked around the world and saw young people of different faiths fighting and killing each other. He was saddened that so few young people attended international conferences that brought together people of various faiths to talk about peace. Patel and other like-minded young adults founded the Chicago-based Interfaith Youth Core in 1998. Patel, 3