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Beverly Jenkins

School: Carmel High School
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Book(s): Sophie's World, by Jostein Gaarder
Favorite Movie(s): Bella, directed by Alejandro Monteverde
Favorite Food: Toast
Favorite YPress Story: Diabulimia

Stories by Beverly

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Talking about life in Paris
By Beverly Jenkins, 18
Stories of French youth.
Paris immigrants
By Joi Officer, 15, Beverly Jenkins, 18, Julie Kippenbrock, 17, Warren Stokes, 19, Sarah Zabel, 17, Nick Greven, 18, Yunseo Moh, 17
Child abandoned
By Beverly Jenkins, 18, Victoria Kreyden, 14
It’s a scene often found in fiction: A desperate woman, alone and usually dressed in dingy clothes, places an infant, swathed in a blanket, on the stoop of a building.
Y-Press Paris blog
By Joi Officer, 15, Beverly Jenkins, 18, Julie Kippenbrock, 16, Warren Stokes, 18, Sarah Zabel, 16, Nick Greven, 18, Yunseo Moh, 16
Check out the Y-Press blog
Times they are a-changin' (sort of)
By Jonathan Gainer, 17, Beverly Jenkins, 17, Nick Greven, 18
Generation Y Y-Press journalists explore trends they are seeing and noticing connections and echos of the past.
Would you want to live forever?
By Hanna Fogel, 17, Beverly Jenkins, 17, Victoria Kreyden, 14, Sarah Panfil, 13, Leeann Sausser, 15, Bekie Stergar, 14
In 1975, “Tuck Everlasting,” by Natalie Babbitt, hit store shelves. Through the years, the book gained popularity, inspiring children everywhere to fantasize about immortality and dream about what might happen if they ever stumbled upon a magic spring. Today’s children may be able to do more than fantasize about finding a fountain of youth. Dr. Aubrey de Grey leads a team of scientists who are finding ways to radically extend human life. As a biomedical gerontologist – a doctor who studies aging – de Grey isn’t just studying how people age but attempting to slow down the process.
Walkers along the Central Canal raised money for diabetes awarness and reseach Oct. 5.
Some diabetics risk all to lose weight
By Rachel Gardner, 13, Beverly Jenkins, 17
Nearly two years ago, Ashley Wolfe was dancing in a nightclub and then blacked out. Rushed to a hospital, she remained in a diabetic coma for days
Peru amateur circus
By Laura Mangan, 14, Meher Ahmad, 17, Beverly Jenkins, 16, Warren Stokes, 17
With the rise in gas prices Indiana families still had hidden treasures in the state. One is about a little an hour and half northeast of Indianapolis the Peru amateur circus.
Kids must speak up about mental health
By William Andrews, 11, Michelle Hu, 16, Beverly Jenkins, 16
Touching things methodically. Reading the same book pages repeatedly while the rest of the class moves on to future chapters. Worrying about how she's different from other kids.
It came from the garage!
By Katie Bolinger, 16, Beverly Jenkins, 15, Melissa Patterson, 14
"I honestly don't care if their music is on tune or off tune; all I care about is if they're having a good time." Tom Vornholt, owner of Franklin's Club Logos, which caters to an under-21 crowd They've come and gone for more than 40 years, but these risk-takers are still cool, original and evocative, according to music experts. In Indianapolis, they have names like The Naked Neighbors, Unikque and
Photos by Beverly