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Shaimelle Harris

Current Age: 19
i joined y-press because my mom said it would help me with photography......

Interests: photography

Hobbies: i like photography, tennis , swimming and a lot of other fun stuff :) and of course shopping
Favorite Color: pink
Favorite Book(s): klepto and hot girl
Favorite Movie(s): selena
Favorite Food: pizza
Favorite YPress Story: don't have one really

Stories by Shaimelle

Sound & Story
By Quinn Andrews, 17, Naomi Farahan, 14, Shaimelle Harris, 15, Brianna Starks, 15
Hanging with besties and pinching fashion...
By Shaimelle Harris, 14, Brianna Starks, 14
Once you start doing something fun, itís hard to stop, whether itís reading a fantastic book, watching an awesome movie Ö or pinching clothes from retail stores.
Birth order
By Shaimelle Harris, 14, Brianna Starks, 14, Maggie Fikes, 17, Madison DaBreo, 13
Firstborns rule. Theyíre conscientious and driven. They like to be in positions of authority, so they often become lawyers, engineers and astronauts.
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Black Friday 2009
By Charlie Osborne, 13, Shaimelle Harris, 13
On Friday afternoon after Thanksgiving, we took a chilly walk from the Y-Press office to Circle Center Mall in downtown Indianapolis. We were expecting a hectic atmosphere, huge crowds, packed stores and outrageous sale prices.
Photos by Shaimelle