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Allison Albrecht

Current Age: 17
School: Sidener Academy
Hobbies: Acting Drawing Reading Y-Press
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Book(s): The Invention of Hugo Cabret
Favorite Movie(s): Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
Favorite YPress Story: Help for the Homeless

Stories by Allison

Boys and girls swear diffrently, says Kamen Rose, 18
Language evolves, says IU linguist
By Naomi Farahan, 15, Allison Albrecht, 14, Kara Williams, 15, Greta Herbertz, 14
Girls and boys use different curse words, says Kamen Rose, 18
City Stories 2012
By Rachel Gardner, 17, Isaiah Treadwell, 17, Allison Albrecht, 13, Rachel Ekwerike, 12, Safia Alim, 12, Alexandra Patterson, 16
Y-Press' multimedia summer camp
Dillon Paul, 16, likes to hunt with his dad.
Indiana teens learn ways of the gun
By Keenen Brannon, 18, Pete Shirley, 18, Allison Albrecht, 13
In Indiana, minors are allowed to possess firearms if they are at an adult-supervised range or at their own home.
Cubs discuss pros, cons of tiger mothers
By Priya Mirmira, 15, Sigal Tavel, 15, Allison Albrecht, 13, Greta Herbertz, 14
Immigrant parents "are driven by the expectations of their own parents and the fact that their parents have worked so hard to give them good lives,Ē says Victoria Xiao, 16.
Subject Matters: an online content tool
By Shayan Ahmad, 17, Ali Tahir, 16, Pete Shirley, 18, Allison Albrecht, 13
Young journalists typically begin work on a radio project with enthusiasm and a basic idea for a story. But where can they go for help to rein in an idea, find the right interviewees, develop questions or refocus a story idea that didnít go in the direction planned?
Without a home, teen perseveres
By Libby Bowling, 12, Allison Albrecht, 12
Iesha constantly worried about where she would go after school.
By Shayan Ahmad, 16, Ali Tahir, 15, Pete Shirley, 17, Allison Albrecht, 12
Silly Bandz, the new kid craze
By Priya Mirmira, 13, Allison Albrecht, 11
In 2002, a Japanese company designed a stronger elastic band, next was the ingenuity of an Ohio businessman. Robert Croak found that adding silicone allowed an elastic band to keep its shape. His Toledo-based company trademarked the name, Silly Bandz, and the sales took off, particularly among elementary-age kids.
Activists change religious garb laws
By Allison Albrecht, 11, Riley Childers, 12
For more than 80 years, public school teachers in Oregon were forbidden to wear religious garb in the classroom.