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Daniel Ballow

School: Key Lerning Community
Favorite Color: Blue, Silver, Green, Orange
Favorite Book(s): Manhunter: Street Justice
Favorite Movie(s): Unbreakable
Favorite Food: Pizza, Twix

Stories by Daniel

All-age appeal Superman story
By Daniel Ballow, 18
“Peace On Earth” begins during a Christmas celebration in Metropolis. A member of the crowd collapses from malnutrition, and the incident inspires Superman to do something about hunger all over the world.
Religious symbols
By Meera Patel, 18, Daniel Ballow, 18
Aaron, Nadiya, Amal and Hadeiyah would all stand out in a crowd. All are local teenagers who wear religious symbols and clothing to represent their beliefs.
A cornerstone in comic book history
By Daniel Ballow, 17
Different writers and artists have slowly tried to introduce more depth to the character of Batman, but few stories have had as much of an impact on the comic-book medium, or as much critical acclaim, as Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns.” It set a new precedent for the 1989 Batman film, the 1992 animated series, and 2008’s The Dark Knight.