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David Glass

Stories by David

Franklin Central High School recycling club
Teens are committed to recycling
By Izaak Hayes, 18, Victoria Kreyden, 14, David Glass, 18
Because of the recession, adults have become less concerned about the environment, according to nationwide polls by Gallup and the Pew Research Center earlier this year. Thankfully, kids across the country are taking up the slack.
Can cars really run on woodchips?
By David Glass, 18
Indiana does not appear to be a champion of green energy, with carbon emissions consistently putting us among the 10 biggest offenders in the United States.
Democratic 2008 Convention
By Hrishikesh Deshpande, 13, Max Gabovitch, 15, Sarah Zabel, 15, Jonathan Gainer, 16, Millie Cripe, 15, Quinn Andrews, 14, Jordan Denari, 17, Katie Bolinger, 18, Mallory St. Claire, 17, David Glass, 18
Considering how important young people have been to this election cycle, it's not surprising that their journalistic peers have the same enthusiasm for covering it.
Young political activist: Garner, N.C.
By David Glass, 17
Attending the University of North Carolina this fall, Glenn McLaurin has done much in the way of helping his community in Wake County, N.C. As an only child, his parents always gave him a forum. He thought if he had that opportunity in the family, he should have that in the community, too.
Young political activist: Stokesdale, N.C.
By David Glass, 17
Jimmy Van Eerden is the oldest of 10 children, so he's used to taking the lead in projects. Spurred on by a friend's frustrations, he began holding voter registration drives by age 14.
Prepare for record turnouts
By Jordan Denari, 17, Quinn Andrews, 14, Jake Thornburgh, 14, David Glass, 17
According to CIRCLE, the Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement at the University of Maryland, more than 32 million youth ages 18 to 25 will be eligible to vote in the upcoming election. If 55 percent of these young people vote a record turnout, attained only once, in the 1972 election more than 17.6 million ballots will be cast.
But will they vote?
By Jordan Denari, 17, Quinn Andrews, 14, Jake Thornburgh, 14, David Glass, 17
Much has been written and reported on the throngs of youth involved in the presidential primaries and caucuses. But will youth actually have an impact on the general election? Will activism translate into votes?
It's truly a dog's life for hospital volunteers
By Grace Shockley, 17, David Glass, 15
H ospitals pride themselves on being clean, sanitary environments. A pet seems out of place, and most are not allowed on the premises. However, some members of the Indianapolis Obedience Training Club are allowed to take their dogs to Community Hospital East. Their mission is to visit patients and make their stays there more enjoyable. For Morgan Dumm, 16, Lauren Carmer, 15, and Kaylee Kinder, 17,
Students offer their opinions about Iraq war
By Ben Hohman, 16, David Glass, 13
Since its founding more than 200 years ago, the United States has been involved in a number of wars. However, the war being waged under President George W. Bush and his Cabinet is different from most. In Iraq, there are no battle lines, and most fighting is done on the street among civilians, often against an unseen enemy. In a war where the enemy is elusive and the attacks are often fierce, how s