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Elizabeth Stringer

Stories by Elizabeth

Running on alternative power
By Elizabeth Stringer, 18
Gasoline-powered vehicles are the largest source of air pollution, accounting for about half the air pollution nationwide, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Engineers and technology buffs around the world are working on the sleek, energy-savvy cars of the future. Recently, Y-Press interviewed two sophomores at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology -- James FioRito, a mechanical
Sisters with albinism see it not as a disorder, but just . . . a part of who they are
By Elizabeth Stringer, 16, Rachel Goertemiller, 15
"I'm not a genetic freak. I'm a genetic phenomenon,'' says Jennifer Oklak. Jennifer, 19, and her sister Heather, 13, are among about 18,000 Americans affected by albinism, a genetic condition in which a person has little to no pigment, or coloration. Jennifer graduated from the Indiana School for the Blind last spring and is studying graphic design at Ivy Tech State College. Heather is a seventh-g