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Elizabeth Papandria

Current Age: 17
School: our lady of lourdes
Grade: 8
I play kickball, volleyball, and basketball. I am on my schools newspaper(the lions roar) as the entertainment reporter. I am a girl scout and in my church choir. I also am in other school clubs like science and movie club.

Interests: Writing,animals,reading,helping people,and the Earth.

Hobbies: Singing,writing,acting,and art.
Favorite Color: blue

Stories by Elizabeth

Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility, Pendleton, Indiana
audiophoto galleries
Teens and Guns
By Priya Mirmira, 15, Carmela Verderame, 12, Pete Shirley, 18, Elizabeth Papandria, 13, Andy Yang, 18
How easy is it for teens to get access to guns?