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Maggie Fikes

Interests: Volleyball, listening to music, writing poetry, and hanging with family and friends :)

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Book(s): Call Of The Wild
Favorite Movie(s): It's A Wonderful Life
Favorite Food: Steak

Stories by Maggie

Alternative to dinner and a movie
By Rachel Gardner, 15, Victoria Kreyden, 15, Shanze Tahir, 13, Maggie Fikes, 18
Y-Press recently visited Incredible Pizza Company (IPC), a family entertainment center and restaurant located in Greenwood, one of two locations in Indiana. Based in Missouri, the company has now 14 locations in the Midwest and Mexico.
Solidarity Walk
By Maggie Fikes, 17, Pete Shirley, 16
Four immigrant college students are walking 1,500 miles from Miami, Florida to Washington, D.C in support of The Dream Act and immigration reform.
Birth order
By Shaimelle Harris, 14, Brianna Starks, 14, Maggie Fikes, 17, Madison DaBreo, 13
Firstborns rule. They’re conscientious and driven. They like to be in positions of authority, so they often become lawyers, engineers and astronauts.