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Jillian Phillips

Current Age: 19
I love to figure skate, I've done that since I turned three, and play tennis on the school team, but I also enjoy photography.

Interests: Figure skating, tennis, diving

Hobbies: photography, sewing
Favorite Color: pink
Favorite Book(s): My Sister's Keeper
Favorite Food: chocolate

Stories by Jillian

Early graduation has many benefits.
Graduating early can be worth $4,000
By Ali Tahir, 16, Jillian Phillips, 15
The Mitch Daniels Early Graduation Scholarship, which began in 2011, is worth $4,000 for public-school students who graduate from high school in three years.
Margaret House, 15, prepares for soccer season.
Younger athletes turning to trainers
By Ellen Flood, 14, Jillian Phillips, 15
"We see lots of kids who are just doing the same sport all year round, and that definitely can lead to overuse injuries," said Dr. Joel Kary, a sports medicine physician at St. Vincent Sports Performance.
Ultramarathon runner
By Ellen Flood, 14, Jillian Phillips, 15, Taylor Gaither, 16, Rahil Thanawala, 10
Best Buddies pairs students who have disabilities with those who donít.
Best Buddies open hearts
By Allison Simmons, 14, Jillian Phillips, 14, Hannah Zimet, 16, Kara Williams, 13, Taylor Gaither, 15