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Joey Krall

Stories by Joey

Cyber danger
By Victoria Kreyden, 15, Laura Cockman, 18, Joey Krall, 16
Computers and mobile phones allow adults and children to communicate and send information. However, these venues can be used to commit crimes, knowingly and unknowingly.
Moby: Wait for Me
By Joey Krall, 15
Almost 20 years ago, Moby released “Go,” the single that started his career. Beginning with a brooding piano, it metamorphoses into an anthem of ominous strings and high-speed drum machines, led by an urgent, commanding shout: “Go!” It is an exciting rush of dance and house music. His new single, “Shot in the Back of the Head,” is essentially different.
Defending faith
By Tommaso Verderame, 15, Victoria Kreyden, 14, Joey Krall, 15
With the increasing diversity of the United States, anyone with religious convictions is bound to be asked at some point: “Why do you believe in that?”
Together Through Life
By Joey Krall, 15
They don’t waste time — as the snare drum cracks, the band kicks into a New Orleans blues. It's music for late nights, music for dancing. The rhythm section sways, the guitar plays some fiery riffs and an accordion wheezes in the background. The tune sounds old and familiar. But suddenly, a thin, raspy voice punches out of the dimness: “Oh well, I love you, pretty baby . . .” This is Bob Dylan singing "Beyond Here Lies Nothing" from his new record, Together Through Life.
Moving is stressful on young people
By Vince Reuter, 17, Joey Krall, 15
News that their family was moving came as a shock to Michael White, 18, and his sister, Christianna, 16, of Indianapolis. “We just have family meetings where we talk about things, and that came up in one of them,” Michael said. “We just got told that we were moving one day.”