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James Officer

Current Age: 19
School: Belzer Middle School
Grade: 8
Past Y-Press stories: Only Child story, Mainstreaming

Interests: I like reading , video games, football, basketball,art, science and architectual work

Hobbies: My hobbies are playing outside, drawing, football, video games, hangin out with friends, basketball, architectual work
Favorite Color: red and Blue
Favorite Book(s): Perloo the Bold by Avi
Favorite Movie(s): Shrek the 3, Home Alone
Favorite Food: sweet potatos and pizza
Favorite YPress Story: Only Child

Stories by James

Patrick Watson: Wooden Arms
By James Officer, 12
When you listen to Patrick Watson’s music, images of homes and stores burning down are illustrated in your mind. It’s a theme that runs throughout the album—almost all of the songs on “Wooden Arms” mention fire.