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Julie Kippenbrock

Stories by Julie

Money, Money, Money
By Julie Kippenbrock, 18, Matthew Stubbs, 17, Joshua Segaran, 13
Teens are notorious for being careless with their money, keeping wads of cash stashed in their pockets and wasting it on fast food and other frivolous purchases.
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Hope comes in many forms for suburbs
By Julie Kippenbrock, 17, Nick Greven, 18
French President Nicolas Sarkozy pledged nearly 1 billion euros in 2007 to aid the suburbs after the riots. However, youth in Banlieue 93 have not seen any of that money, nor have they seen much change at all.
Paris immigrants
By Joi Officer, 15, Beverly Jenkins, 18, Julie Kippenbrock, 17, Warren Stokes, 19, Sarah Zabel, 17, Nick Greven, 18, Yunseo Moh, 17
Y-Press Paris blog
By Joi Officer, 15, Beverly Jenkins, 18, Julie Kippenbrock, 16, Warren Stokes, 18, Sarah Zabel, 16, Nick Greven, 18, Yunseo Moh, 16
Check out the Y-Press blog
By Julie Kippenbrock, 16
Students Against Destructive Decisions is a nationwide organization all about “teens helping teens make positive decisions.”
Activism: health
By Julie Kippenbrock, 16, Laura Cockman, 17
The health of young people is always a cause for concern, whether it be childhood obesity, tobacco and alcohol use, teen pregnancy or serious automobile accidents.
Critical Exposure
By Julie Kippenbrock, 16
Critical Exposure, based in Washington, D.C., thinks a picture is worth a thousand words and so much more.
Activism: education
By Julie Kippenbrock, 16, Jake Thornburgh, 16
Ever since school was made compulsory for American children in the early 20th century, efforts at reform rarely included input from youth. But that is changing, as U.S. institutions are beginning to value the opinions of youth, and as youth themselves have realized their collective power through new networking media.
Mormon youths dispel falsehoods
By Julie Kippenbrock, 16, Genevieve Yedlicka, 16
Misconceptions of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormon Church, have abounded ever since the Book of Mormon was published in 1830. Since then, Mormons have suffered not only teasing but also ridicule and persecution as they defended their faith – which was founded when Joseph Smith dug up and then transcribed golden tablets inscribed with an ancient language.
Beverage with a boost
By Shelby Helton, 17, Julie Kippenbrock, 16
While energy drinks – such as Red Bull, Monster and Rockstar – originally were marketed to young adults, they are becoming increasing popular with younger consumers. In 2006, about 30 percent of adolescents surveyed reported using energy drinks, an increase of more than 3 million teens in three years.
Brush with Bush was memorable
By Tommaso Verderame, 12, Millie Cripe, 13, Jonathan Gainer, 13, Julie Kippenbrock, 13, Andy Goldblatt, 17, Lawrence J. Pennington, 11
Former President George H.W. Bush was in Indianapolis earlier this month to speak at Butler University. Six Y-Press members attended the speech and also were able to ask him a few questions beforehand. While a few approached this "brush with celebrity" with awe, others had braced themselves to hear what they thought would be some stock political talk. By the end, however, they all agreed the forme
Photos by Julie