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Libby Bowling

Current Age: 17
Hi I like pie

Interests: I like to read

Hobbies: Sometimes I try to bend myself in ways I should not bend
Favorite Color: yellow
Favorite Book(s): hary potter and the giver
Favorite Food: pancakes

Stories by Libby

It's so easy to cut and paste on the Internet.
Technology helps cheaters, students say
By Libby Bowling, 14, Arpeet Patel, 18
Students say they cheated most on homework and papers -- quizzes and tests were too risky.
The Hunger Games
By Libby Bowling, 13
I was amazed at how quiet the theater was. I never heard one person eating popcorn, or drinking soda, or even shifting in the seats.
Jean Ambroise, 18, says U.S. schools are very different from those in Haiti.
Another approach to educating immigrants
By Libby Bowling, 13, Hannah Zimet, 17, Sierra Buntin, 16
"When I first came, I was scared. There were many people from different countries, talking in their native languages, and like I didn’t really understand what’s going on."
The Indianapolis Soap Box Derby
By Jade Poynter, 14, Ellen Flood, 14, Libby Bowling, 13, Darius Jordan, 15
In Indianapolis, the Soap Box Derby, a sport where children and teens race motorless cars down a sloped track, has been active since 1936, just two years after the race began in Ohio.
Without a home, teen perseveres
By Libby Bowling, 12, Allison Albrecht, 12
Iesha constantly worried about where she would go after school.
Hunger Games is captivating
By Libby Bowling, 11
The future is a scary place for 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen—she is poor and struggling to keep herself and her family alive.