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Tara Longardner

Current Age: 21
School: Heritage Christian School
Hi everyone! My name is Tara and I'm (soon to be) a Senior at Heritage Christian School. I'm sort of a late-bloomer here at Y-Press, only being part of the team since this past January, but when I found out about it while interning in the News Room at the Star, I knew I absolutely had to get involved. After next year, I hope to go on to major in journalism in college. Thanks for visiting my page! I feel so special :)

Interests: I'm stuck somewhere between a tomboy and girly-girl. Let me explain...I am a baking enthusiast and lover of all things Disney Princess. I'm never caught without my nails painted, and have a strange obsession with sunflowers.On the other hand, I play lacrosse, love getting dirty, and am always sandwiched in between my brother and dad on the couch during football games. I'm a little unorthodox, and embrace every bit of it!

Favorite Color: lavender
Favorite Book(s): Right now, I'm really into the Hunger Games series. But who isn't?
Favorite Movie(s): It changes everytime I see a new one I like
Favorite Food: Oatmeal- I'm an odd person
Favorite YPress Story: Not Fair! I've only done one... ask me in a few months

Stories by Tara

To Sikhs, a kara symbolizes faith and eternity.
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By Rachel Gardner, 17, Tara Longardner, 17, Alexandra Patterson, 16, Megan Tackett, 17
“Our turban, most people consider that something to do with terrorism,” said Darsh Singh, 16, of Indianapolis.