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Laura Mangan

Current Age: 21
School: home schooled
My name's Laura, I'm a reporter for Y-Press.

Interests: I like art, cross country running, shopping, hanging out with friends, music, etc.

Favorite Book(s): Hatchett or Sisters
Favorite Movie(s): She's the Man
Favorite Food: I love Asian food.

Stories by Laura

Intentional communities
By Laura Mangan, 16, Sarah Zabel, 17
In intentional communities, like-minded individuals come together to share resources and living quarters. Such arrangements gained popularity in the ’60s when so-called hippies retreated to the country to live in peace and brotherhood.
Dangerous sports
By Laura Mangan, 14, Laura Cockman, 16
Ask a group of kindergartners what they want to be when they grow up, and many will talk about becoming singers, actors, actresses or basketball players.
Peru amateur circus
By Laura Mangan, 14, Meher Ahmad, 17, Beverly Jenkins, 16, Warren Stokes, 17
With the rise in gas prices Indiana families still had hidden treasures in the state. One is about a little an hour and half northeast of Indianapolis the Peru amateur circus.
Strict or permissive?
By Ariana Gainer, 13, Laura Mangan, 14, Kaitlin Payne, 15, Becky Mangan, 13, Melissa Patterson, 15
John Colbert, an Indianapolis father of 10, says it's time parents take charge. "Kids walk over their parents, but I blame that on the parents. The parents aren't being parents.
Graffiti artwork in Indianapolis, Indiana
Off the wall
By Laura Mangan, 13, Susannah Sharpless, 15, Meher Ahmad, 16
A class of young graffiti artists stood in an art studio, painting, airbrushing, and observing one another create art. Canvases, paint bottles, T-shirts and sculptures filled the tables and counters. “Get Low” by rapper Flo Rida blared in the background.
Area Hispanics are crossing
By Laura Mangan, 13, Becky Mangan, 12
As a Mexican-American high-school sophomore, Cindy Gil was a good student but felt that something was missing in her life at school. There were no programs or clubs at Pike High School to bring Hispanic students together or teach other students about the contributions Hispanics have made to the U.S. and the rest of the world.
Young scientists tell what drives them
By , 36, Joi Officer, 12, Laura Mangan, 12
There were hundreds of gawkers and exhibits from all over the world. But nothing made the Intel Science and Engineering Fair last month feel more like a zoo than the signs: "Please do not poke, tease, or feed the science nerds."
Flock strengthens with human help
By Laura Mangan, 12, Meera Patel, 15
A flock of 18 white birds glided through the cold, blue sky of southern Indiana in the early morning, guided by three small planes disguised as mama and papa birds. Their stop during the 73-day trip from Necedah, Wis., to Dunnellon, Fla., in mid-November was part of an extraordinary effort by Operation Migration to save endangered whooping cranes by establishing a wild flock of migrating birds.