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Meher Ahmad

Stories by Meher

Teens recall how huffing led to addiction
By Meher Ahmad, 18, Laura Cockman, 17
Teenagers’ abuse of drugs is nothing new. Since the drug epidemic in the ’60s, countless students – from cheerleaders to goths – have been known to experiment with some sort of illegal drug.
Peru amateur circus
By Laura Mangan, 14, Meher Ahmad, 17, Beverly Jenkins, 16, Warren Stokes, 17
With the rise in gas prices Indiana families still had hidden treasures in the state. One is about a little an hour and half northeast of Indianapolis the Peru amateur circus.
Graffiti artwork in Indianapolis, Indiana
Off the wall
By Laura Mangan, 13, Susannah Sharpless, 15, Meher Ahmad, 16
A class of young graffiti artists stood in an art studio, painting, airbrushing, and observing one another create art. Canvases, paint bottles, T-shirts and sculptures filled the tables and counters. “Get Low” by rapper Flo Rida blared in the background.
College costs challenge students to be resourceful
By Izaak Hayes, 15, Meher Ahmad, 14
C ollege is a dream that many people have for themselves and for their children. But how does that dream translate into reality? With the rising costs of higher education, the college application process can cause many sleepless nights for students and their families. Peter Carey, a North Central High School graduate, thought he was lucky -- his parents had started a trust fund for him when he was
Carmel student visits suffering homeland
By Meher Ahmad, 14
L ike many people, I am affected by my environment. I didn't realize how much until my family's latest trip to Pakistan in December. Both of my parents are Pakistani, and I was born there. My family moved to the United States when I was 5. Growing up in Carmel has never been hard for me. Even though I am a Pakistani citizen, I have rarely felt out of place and was always proud to tell others that
Photos by Meher