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Michael Wang

School: Carmel High School

Interests: I enjoy reading, hanging out with friends, going on the computer, making ceramics projects, watching movies and sleeping.

Hobbies: I played tennis on my middle school team and I have done ice skating for the past six years. I am also on the track team at my school.
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Book(s): The Kite Runner
Favorite Movie(s): Atonement
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite YPress Story: Difference in Opinions: Operation Coverup

Stories by Michael

School bans
By Hrishikesh Deshpande, 14, Michael Wang, 18
A lot changed after April 20, 1999, when Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold went on their murderous rampage through Columbine High School. Before then, students could carry tools such as pocketknives and nail files.
Contemporary depictions of gays in media
By Michael Wang, 17
Munching on popcorn, Karen is watching a premiere of a film with her friends in the dim light of the theater. From a cursory glance, she is like any other teen living in Indiana, one who enjoys hanging out with friends and going to the local cinema on Friday nights.
From home to classroom
By Olivia Haynes, 17, Rebekah Taft, 17, Michael Wang, 17
When Josiah Kaufman was a freshman at Carmel High School, he would bring his lunch every day. When the period was over, he would help his friends return their lunch trays out of "courtesy," he said. Soon, he began helping other students clean up. "It became this thing where I went all around the cafeteria and started picking up everyone's trays when they were done. It was so funny. People were like, 'Why in the world are you doing this?'" Josiah was just being nice. It also was his way of adapting to new people and a new school system. It was Josiah's first year in a public school.
To cheat or not to cheat?
By Arielle Johnson, 14, Michael Wang, 17
Ayanna Porter has watched kids in her class casually put a stick of gum in their mouths, then use the wrapper to scribble down test or homework answers.