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Nick Greven

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Hope comes in many forms for suburbs
By Julie Kippenbrock, 17, Nick Greven, 18
French President Nicolas Sarkozy pledged nearly 1 billion euros in 2007 to aid the suburbs after the riots. However, youth in Banlieue 93 have not seen any of that money, nor have they seen much change at all.
Paris immigrants
By Joi Officer, 15, Beverly Jenkins, 18, Julie Kippenbrock, 17, Warren Stokes, 19, Sarah Zabel, 17, Nick Greven, 18, Yunseo Moh, 17
Y-Press Paris blog
By Joi Officer, 15, Beverly Jenkins, 18, Julie Kippenbrock, 16, Warren Stokes, 18, Sarah Zabel, 16, Nick Greven, 18, Yunseo Moh, 16
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Times they are a-changin' (sort of)
By Jonathan Gainer, 17, Beverly Jenkins, 17, Nick Greven, 18
Generation Y Y-Press journalists explore trends they are seeing and noticing connections and echos of the past.
Teen pregnancy
By Pratik Cherian, 17, Warren Stokes, 17, Nick Greven, 17
Everywhere you look, you see pregnant teens in schools, at the mall, on TV, in the movies.
Clean coal and alternative energy
By Michelle Hu, 17, Nick Greven, 17
In 1748, the first coal for fuel use was mined in the United States. Since then, mining and converting coal into power has revolutionized the United States. First used for domestic heating and to power trains and steamboats, it has expanded to power factories and households through the electricity it creates.