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Jade Poynter

Current Age: 18
School: 6th grade
Hobbies: playing cello, writing,reading,drawing playing volleyball
Favorite Color: purple
Favorite Book(s): the Twilight saga
Favorite Movie(s): The Sound Of Music

Stories by Jade

Novel lacks power
By Jade Poynter, 14
Sonnyís War isnít exactly boring, but it isnít convincing either. Itís hard to feel Coryís sadness.
The Indianapolis Soap Box Derby
By Jade Poynter, 14, Ellen Flood, 14, Libby Bowling, 13, Darius Jordan, 15
In Indianapolis, the Soap Box Derby, a sport where children and teens race motorless cars down a sloped track, has been active since 1936, just two years after the race began in Ohio.
Alice in Wonderland
By Jade Poynter, 13
If you think you know what this movie is about, think again.
"Pick Me Up" makes learning funny
By Jade Poynter, 12
Do you know what an emirp is? I do because I read the book ďPick Me UpĒ from DK Publishing. It is a book with a whole bunch of information about a wide variety of topics.