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Izabella Robinson

Current Age: 17
School: brownsburg east middle school

My name is Izabella, but my friends call me Izzy. I am 12 years old, and I am in the seventh grade. My favorite food is padthai(and pizza of course!), and I am a vegetarian.

My favorite colors are black and neon green.

My favorite books are The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and, Wintergirls .

I love Reeses's, and just about any milk chocolate, especially if it has peanut butter or a wafer in the middle.

My favorite subject is English. I am a major book worm and love anything to do with reading. I want to attend Stanford and major in psychology   

My favorite authors are Todd Strasser, Ellen Hopkins, Sharon M. Draper, and Chris Wooding. My best friend is, well it's not really fair to choose... just for the record it's *cough,cough*, Rowan, *cough, cough*

Interests: art club, libraries, books, physcology, and anorexia(effects, not the practice of)

Hobbies: Reading, singing, swimming, writing, and hanging out with friends (Rowan(silly witch) MaddY(love ya' like a sister <3) maddIE (you used all the cinnamon?!) Evan (my moms so mad at you!), 2 Ben's(crazy and llama) Mawsoof(elf sweater!!) sabrina(email me girl... ;)) kelly(sry, my butt just grew) maggie(i'm stalking you...), hannah(but i can't be responsible!), kayla(and i was like woah!) westin (2 and 3/4 peices) sammy(16 heads, i mean 19, big head, smart, smart) betsy/elizabeth(you go girl!) alan(insert random noise and sarcastic comment) morgan (pushes me) luke (whats up homey?) andy (the suit kid/ Tell me the password, pretty pretty princess!), Nikky ( reane! )
Favorite Color: black/neon green/wizard of oz green
Favorite Book(s): after/wintergirls/bootcamp/give a boy a gun
Favorite Movie(s): push
Favorite Food: maple cookies, and (vegatarian) potstickers
Favorite YPress Story: whichever one I'm currently working on!

Stories by Izabella

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Photos by Izabella