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Shayan Ahmad

Current Age: 21

Stories by Shayan

Subject Matters: an online content tool
By Shayan Ahmad, 17, Ali Tahir, 16, Pete Shirley, 18, Allison Albrecht, 13
Young journalists typically begin work on a radio project with enthusiasm and a basic idea for a story. But where can they go for help to rein in an idea, find the right interviewees, develop questions or refocus a story idea that didn’t go in the direction planned?
Boys wrestle with body issues, too
By Shayan Ahmad, 17, Zach Manges, 18
“If you look at the G.I. Joes and you look at Superman from when I was little, they were not as big and buff as they are now. The action figures have actually changed to reflect a more buff, larger body frame that is, of course, unattainable by most boys.”
By Shayan Ahmad, 16, Ali Tahir, 15, Pete Shirley, 17, Allison Albrecht, 12
Gender and youth
By Tommaso Verderame, 17, Shayan Ahmad, 16, Yunseo Moh, 17, Shanze Tahir, 13
Gender roles don’t seem to have quite the pull they used to have. In 2008, the U.S. came close to having a woman in the Oval Office. Engineering schools now actively recruit girls, and more boys than ever are choosing traditionally “female” fields like nursing.
By Quinn Andrews, 16, Shayan Ahmad, 16
Middle school is a time filled with rites of passage. While students’ challenges with some, such as puberty, are well-known, others take place more quietly within the confines of school. Among these is the introduction to animal dissection.
City Stories 2010
By Hrishikesh Deshpande, 15, Madison DaBreo, 13, Brianna Starks, 15, Carmela Verderame, 10, Shayan Ahmad, 16, Min Qiao, 18, Danielle Hensley, 14, Warren Stokes, 19, Victoria Kreyden, 15, Keenen Brannon, 16, Pete Shirley, 16
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What's your favorite Butler moment?
By Hrishikesh Deshpande, 14, Shayan Ahmad, 15, Kathryn Kenny, 18
The NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball Championship, commonly known as the Final Four, is one of the largest college sporting events in the country. March Madness begins with 64 teams eliminating all but four for the tournament held in Indianapolis this year.
Funny... like ha ha
By Shayan Ahmad, 15, Isaiah Treadwell, 14
It’s not unusual to see kids on stage acting, dancing, playing instruments or singing. But thanks to outfits like ComedySportz, young people can now seize the spotlight to do anything they can think of to get a laugh.
'Lost Symbol' captivates, but lacks substance
By Shayan Ahmad, 15
I will admit the plot is captivating—Brown keeps the reader constantly wondering what will happen next— but while the book does have a few unpredictable twists, in general it seems like just another version of the same formula.
Paper Towns
By Shayan Ahmad, 15
Paper Towns is the story of Quentin Jacobsen, a lower rung on the high school social ladder who hangs out mostly with the band geeks. Quentin, or Q, isn’t very sociable, and doesn’t stray far from his tight-knit group, which includes his best friends, Ben and Radar. Most importantly, Q is the neighbor of the glorious Margo Roth Spiegalman. Margo was Q’s childhood playmate, and is now the love of his life, and an unreachable one at that.
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Fiesta Indianapolis
By Charlie Osborne, 13, Priya Mirmira, 12, Shayan Ahmad, 15
On Saturday, Sept.19, three Y-Press members took in the sights and smells of Fiesta Indianapolis held on American Legion Mall.
Broad Ripple Art Fair audio slideshow
By Susannah Sharpless, 16, Shayan Ahmad, 15, Yunseo Moh, 16
Photos by Shayan