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Sigal Tavel

Current Age: 19
School: North Central High School
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Book(s): All of them
Favorite Movie(s): Any
Favorite Food: Anything with chocolate

Stories by Sigal

Faces from the campaigns
By Isaiah Treadwell, 17, Sigal Tavel, 16, Alaina Bradds, 17
Activism of young Hoosiers ranges from hosting meet-ups with conservative candidates to taking photos for Occupy Chicago.
By Sigal Tavel, 16, Alaina Bradds, 17
Stephen Gordon, 21, Chicago, says online activism may be down in 2012 because candidates are not reaching out like they did in 2008.
Fresh from the national conventions
By Hrishikesh Deshpande, 17, Greta Herbertz, 14, Hannah Zimet, 18, Sigal Tavel, 16, Isaiah Treadwell, 17, Shanze Tahir, 15, Ali Tahir, 17, Carmela Verderame, 12, Naomi Farahan, 15, Priya Mirmira, 15, Izabella Robinson, 14, Alaina Bradds, 17
Lots of excitement and pomp at the conventions.
Cubs discuss pros, cons of tiger mothers
By Priya Mirmira, 15, Sigal Tavel, 15, Allison Albrecht, 13, Greta Herbertz, 14
Immigrant parents "are driven by the expectations of their own parents and the fact that their parents have worked so hard to give them good lives,Ē says Victoria Xiao, 16.
Teen sex is rampant, and so are diseases
By Jake Thornburgh, 18, Sigal Tavel, 15
"I felt like I was invincible because I didnít sleep around. I had never done a drug in my entire life," says Lee, a 24-year-old Indianapolis man recently diagnosed with HIV
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2011 City Stories
By Hrishikesh Deshpande, 16, Darius Jordan, 14, Kuren Sikand, 17, Hannah Zimet, 16, Sigal Tavel, 14, Matthew Stubbs, 18, Brianna Starks, 15, Carmela Verderame, 11, Naomi Farahan, 14, Priya Mirmira, 14, Max Gabovitch, 18, Rachel Gardner, 16, Claire Christoff, 11
No rest for weary teens
By Naomi Farahan, 14, Sigal Tavel, 14
ďIn America, itís a chronic problem with teenagers not getting enough sleep,Ē says Dr. Ramindrajit Sufi, a pediatric pulmonologist at St. Vincent Hospital. ďIf you donít get enough sleep and you donít get all those hormones, you end up not having good growth, mentally or physically.Ē
Where I Belong
By Sigal Tavel, 14
The book is the perfect chocolate-covered pretzel: crunchy, salty, and sweet at the same time.
Food allergies
By Sigal Tavel, 14
To many of us, an allergic reaction may seem like a simple thing: some sneezing or itching, then pop in a Benadryl or a Zyrtec and itís over. But to the growing number of allergic children in the United States and elsewhere, allergies arenít so simple. They rarely kill, but they can make the sufferer miserable and sometimes result in a trip to the emergency room.
Drawing by Lisa von Werder
School violence
By Max Gabovitch, 17, Sigal Tavel, 14
The Columbine massacre of 1999 turned the worldís attention to violence in U.S. schools. While administrators rushed to install medical detectors and backpack checks, many forms of aggression continued undeterred.
New York Greeks
By Sigal Tavel, 14
"Percy Jackson and the Olympians" is a book suitable for almost any age group and gender. Thereís enough action for the average boy, just enough romance for the average girl, and comedy enough for both. Itís also sophisticated enough for adults, but can be easily understood by anyone in elementary school.