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Tommaso Verderame

School: Park Tudor High School, Grade 9
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Book(s): Harry Potter
Favorite Movie(s): Dodgeball
Favorite Food: Any Pasta

Stories by Tommaso

Gender and youth
By Tommaso Verderame, 17, Shayan Ahmad, 16, Yunseo Moh, 17, Shanze Tahir, 13
Gender roles don’t seem to have quite the pull they used to have. In 2008, the U.S. came close to having a woman in the Oval Office. Engineering schools now actively recruit girls, and more boys than ever are choosing traditionally “female” fields like nursing.
Poster controversy
By Tommaso Verderame, 16, Hrishikesh Deshpande, 15
Most people will agree that students should continue their educations past high school. However, not everyone agrees on how to spread that message.
Jane Addams School for Democracy
By Tommaso Verderame, 16
Like its namesake, the Jane Addams School for Democracy in St. Paul, MN, focuses on providing social and educational opportunities for those in need, primarily immigrant families adjusting to life in a new land.
Activism: Immigration
By Tommaso Verderame, 16, Michelle Hu, 18, Rebekah Taft, 18
For 10 years, immigration has been a contentious issue in the United States. In the early part of the decade, the Bush administration was prepared to offer mass amnesty to illegal immigrants. As governor of Texas he’d long been friendly with Mexico, and both he and then-Mexican President Vincente Fox supported a big amnesty and guest worker program.
Kid actors take on The Giver
By Tommaso Verderame, 16, Ali Tahir, 14
In our changing world, where images from around the globe come to us from all directions, diversity is the norm rather than the exception. It is hard to imagine a world where nothing diverges or varies, but such a world exists in Lois Lowry’s Newbery Award-winning novel “The Giver.”
Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana
By Tommaso Verderame, 16
Kyron George hasn’t had any run-ins with the law, but he still dedicates his time to helping incarcerated youth through the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana.
Activism: justice
By Tommaso Verderame, 16
Unarmed and lying face down on the ground with his hands behind his head, Oscar Grant was fatally shot in the back by Officer Johannes Mehserle on New Year’s Day in Oakland, Calif.
Project Nur
By Tommaso Verderame, 16
Advertising itself as a “light on campus,” Project Nur works on 23 college campuses across the country to promote leadership and understanding among people of different faiths.
Activism: religion
By Tommaso Verderame, 16
If you’re looking to volunteer in service work with people who share your faith or values, you might take a look at your high school.
Defending faith
By Tommaso Verderame, 15, Victoria Kreyden, 14, Joey Krall, 15
With the increasing diversity of the United States, anyone with religious convictions is bound to be asked at some point: “Why do you believe in that?”
Youth activism
By Tommaso Verderame, 15, Jordan Denari, 18
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Iraqi family finds refuge in Indiana but life is still difficult
By Tommaso Verderame, 15, Hrishikesh Deshpande, 13, Mihir Kumar, 15, Jeff Hou, 15
Imagine more than 60,000 locals being uprooted from their homes every 30 days; Indianapolis would be a ghost town in about 14 months.Since 2003, that many Iraqis have fled their homes each month to escape the turmoil that has divided their nation, according to the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.
Say what? I can't go in but they can?
By Tommaso Verderame, 15
Victoria Blackstone, Ashley Gunn, Mike Knopf: What makes you so special? Why did you get into the Xcel Center, site of the Republican National Convention, and Y-Press did not?
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Republican 2008 Convention
By Ariana Gainer, 13, Tommaso Verderame, 15, Jordan Gaither, 17, Justin Byers, 15, Pratik Cherian, 17, Tommy Mangan, 12, Jake Thornburgh, 15, Paul Winston, 16, Becky Mangan, 13
While seasoned politicians resort to kissing babies or begging for corporate contributions to gain a national audience, a 15-year-old simply wrote 434 powerful words. Those words propelled her to a coveted speaking spot during the Republican National Convention in St. Paul at 6:30 p.m. today.
Jonas Brothers
By Tommaso Verderame, 14, Kate Dolan, 19, Becky Mangan, 13
Prior their concert at the Verizon Wireless Center, the Jonas Brothers held a press conference at the Conrad Hotel to discuss their charitable work.
Young political activist: Great Falls, Mont.
By Tommaso Verderame, 14
Dedicating hours to student voter registration, promoting youth involvement in politics, and all the while campaigning for John Parker for Montana attorney general and for herself as a precinct committeewoman, Caitie Boland is the epitome of youth political activism.
Young political activist: Missoula, Mont.
By Tommaso Verderame, 14
Erika Sylvester has filled her year with political activity. She volunteers on the re-election campaign of U.S. Sen. Max Baucus and has been an active supporter of both Democratic presidential candidates.
Young political activist: Missolua, Montana
By Tommaso Verderame,
Erika Sylvester has filled her year with political activity. She volunteers on the re-election campaign of U.S. Sen. Max Baucus and has been an active supporter of both Democratic presidential candidates.
'The Apartment' fit for the whole family
By Tommaso Verderame, 14
The Apartment is a witty story centered around Bud's rapid climb up the career ladder from a lonely office drone to the second-in-command of New York's largest insurance firm. Winner of 1960's Oscar for Best Picture, The Apartment is the only comedy to ever be nominated -- and capture -- the coveted award. It won four additional academy awards.
Brush with Bush was memorable
By Tommaso Verderame, 12, Millie Cripe, 13, Jonathan Gainer, 13, Julie Kippenbrock, 13, Andy Goldblatt, 17, Lawrence J. Pennington, 11
Former President George H.W. Bush was in Indianapolis earlier this month to speak at Butler University. Six Y-Press members attended the speech and also were able to ask him a few questions beforehand. While a few approached this "brush with celebrity" with awe, others had braced themselves to hear what they thought would be some stock political talk. By the end, however, they all agreed the forme