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Warren Stokes

School: Arsenal Tech
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Book(s): Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right
Favorite Movie(s): Good Will Hunting
Favorite Food: Nachos

Stories by Warren

City Stories 2010
By Hrishikesh Deshpande, 15, Madison DaBreo, 13, Brianna Starks, 15, Carmela Verderame, 10, Shayan Ahmad, 16, Min Qiao, 18, Danielle Hensley, 14, Warren Stokes, 19, Victoria Kreyden, 15, Keenen Brannon, 16, Pete Shirley, 16
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Police, youth relations put to test
By Warren Stokes, 19
In the suburbs, youth complain about a lot of things – poor living conditions, lack of education, joblessness, boredom. But tense police relations often top the list.
Paris immigrants
By Joi Officer, 15, Beverly Jenkins, 18, Julie Kippenbrock, 17, Warren Stokes, 19, Sarah Zabel, 17, Nick Greven, 18, Yunseo Moh, 17
Y-Press Paris blog
By Joi Officer, 15, Beverly Jenkins, 18, Julie Kippenbrock, 16, Warren Stokes, 18, Sarah Zabel, 16, Nick Greven, 18, Yunseo Moh, 16
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Teen pregnancy
By Pratik Cherian, 17, Warren Stokes, 17, Nick Greven, 17
Everywhere you look, you see pregnant teens – in schools, at the mall, on TV, in the movies.
Police and youth
By Katie Bolinger, 19, Quinn Andrews, 15, Keenen Brannon, 15, Warren Stokes, 18, Max Gabovitch, 16
In this series, five Y-Press journalists explore the relationships between minority youth and the police in the Indianapolis area. Over the last several months, the team interviewed teens involved with 100 Black Men, the Latino Collective and teens participating in the four-year-old Our Kids (OK) program. In addition, local police officers told of us about the issue from their vantage point.
Helping hands
By Hrishikesh Deshpande, 13, Meera Patel, 17, Warren Stokes, 17
Scientific studies have found volunteering actually makes people happier and healthier. Last year 61 million Americans volunteered 8.1 billion hours of community service. That‘s nearly $158 billion in donated labor and happiness.
Peru amateur circus
By Laura Mangan, 14, Meher Ahmad, 17, Beverly Jenkins, 16, Warren Stokes, 17
With the rise in gas prices Indiana families still had hidden treasures in the state. One is about a little an hour and half northeast of Indianapolis the Peru amateur circus.
What a Texas sociologist found
By Joi Officer, 14, Olivia Haynes, 17, Warren Stokes, 17
George Yancey, an associate professor of sociology at the University of North Texas, studies interracial dating and marriage. He shared some of his findings with Y-Press.
Many date outside their race
By Joi Officer, 14, Olivia Haynes, 17, Warren Stokes, 17
Several Indianapolis teens – be they Indian, black, Latino or white – said they would consider marrying outside of their race, now that they have been part of the interracial dating scene. Raymond Jami, who is black, and Rocio Mendez, who is Latina, have been dating for more than three years.
Young inner-city teens list community improvement and school safety as top concerns
By Mallory St. Claire, 16, Jonathan Gainer, 15, Michelle Hu, 16, Victoria Kreyden, 12, Noelle Sercer, 13, , 38, Warren Stokes, 17
As the political gambits of the 2008 campaigns kick into high gear, involvement by youth is higher than in any election. According to the Pew Research Center, overall youth turnout - voters ages 17 to 200 for the primaries has increased five percent from the 2004 election.
Photos by Warren