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Zach Manges

Stories by Zach

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
By Zach Manges, 18
The frequent gunfights and bare-fisted brawls are entertaining and heart-pounding, but all the action has the potential to feel out of place in a film genre normally focused on subtle detective work.
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
By Zach Manges, 18
About half an hour of the movie’s key sequences were filmed using an IMAX camera, and it absolutely pays off in terms of eye candy.
J. Edgar
By Zach Manges, 18
Despite various shortcomings, the acting is solid. Performances from all of the big names are rich and full-bodied.
Boys wrestle with body issues, too
By Shayan Ahmad, 17, Zach Manges, 18
“If you look at the G.I. Joes and you look at Superman from when I was little, they were not as big and buff as they are now. The action figures have actually changed to reflect a more buff, larger body frame that is, of course, unattainable by most boys.”
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
By Zach Manges, 18
I found myself so captivated by Caesar’s plight that I frankly was rooting for the apes over the humans.
Cowboys and Aliens
By Zach Manges, 18
A man wakes up in 1873 Arizona with no memory and a mysterious metal cuff attached to his arm. If that's not weird enough, a spaceship soon swoops down and kidnaps some townfolks.
2011 ComedySportz World Championship
By Zach Manges, 18
The best the world has to offer isn't too far off from our own city's talented group of improvisation enthusiasts.
X-men: First Class
By Zach Manges, 18
The acting among the principal players is some of the best I’ve seen in a superhero flick, especially the “bromance” between Professor X (James McAvoy) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender).
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
By Zach Manges, 17
Satisfy your inner 6-year-old with latest "Transformers."
Can't we all be friends?
By Rachel Gardner, 16, Danielle Hensley, 15, Matthew Stubbs, 18, Zach Manges, 17
Gay teens talk about dangers of being different.
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
By Zach Manges, 17
The film’s most glaring pitfall is in its complete over-reliance on the 1987 novel by Tim Powers.
By Zach Manges, 17
While not fit for the gods, Thor's excellent cast and stylish eye candy will please fans.
Source Code
By Zach Manges, 17
Despite flawed endgame, plot keeps viewers guessing.
The Adjustment Bureau
By Zach Manges, 17
I found myself impressed with the acting almost across the board. Unfortunately, all of the actors are too good for the movie, which is failed by an uneven script.
Tiny school seeks wide impact
By Priya Mirmira, 14, Isaiah Treadwell, 15, Laura Rodgers, 10, Zach Manges, 17, Ashley King, 11, Leah Johnson, 16
The King’s Speech
By Zach Manges, 17
First, a confession: I am not really a “drama” fan. I tend to get bored about halfway through and end up either checking my watch compulsively or just waiting for something thrilling to happen, usually in vain.
Toy Story 3
By Zach Manges, 17
Well, the slowest 11 years of my life are over. The long-awaited and presumably final sequel in Disney/Pixar’s flagship franchise has arrived, and, oh boy, was it worth the wait.
Iron Man 2
By Zach Manges, 17
Another summer, another sequel. The question is, does this second outing for Marvel’s wise-cracking man in armor measure up to its predecessor? The short answer is “no.”
By Zach Manges, 17
After seeing the first predator film (the good one) and then being grossly disappointed by the inferior sequel, I was looking forward to this iteration in the franchise, and I must say I walked out of the theater well-satisfied with the result.